Making Democracy Work



Local League News (excerpts from minutes)


Highlights from the minutes of the fall meetings are excerpted.

September 22: Guest speaker Janelle Rivers (Columbia Area LWV), representing us as a LWV delegate in June, presented a video report of four issues that will be the action focus for the year: state constitutional amendments, money in politics, gerrymandering/redistricting, and behavioral health.

October 27: A Healthcare study by state and national League began last year and will conclude this year with a consensus being taken from the state's eleven locals on these four questions (additional voting options have been excluded for brevity): 1. Do you support expanded health insurance covered for uninsured South Carolinians? 2. Should the state of S.C. take responsibility for providing at least basic health care to its citizens - through Medicaid expansion, developing its own plan, or encouraging insurers to offer more affordable options? 3. Should the League support efforts to address lifestyle health issues such as obesity and tobacco use by supporting policies to address food desserts, nutritional education and physical activity, discouraging the use of tobacco products, or other options? 4. How important is it for the League to affirm its commitment to reproductive rights, including family planning, access to abortion and sex education - very important, somewhat important, not important? Each item provided a comments section while the local's evaluation was reported to state League as the basis for future action in this grassroots' organization.

November 17: A DVD documentary entitled "A Killing Matter: Guns, Greed, and the NRA" featured in one segment a case of domestic violence which was selected for viewing because of the state's repeated ranking at the top nationally. A lively discussion of reactions and recommended actions members could begin were suggested.